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Clip Earrings for client -  October 2019

 I really enjoy designing and making one-off pieces for individual clients as well as collaborating with businesses to create exclusive ranges for them.

I have designed engagement and wedding rings as well as special pieces for the bride by matching coloured gemstones to the fabrics used in the wedding.

I have created new pieces from jewellery that has been inherited or given.  I have altered pieces to fit new criteria, such as taking gems from a ring and turning them into earrings and pendants.

Please email me if you have a particular idea that you would like to discuss.

Below are some examples of pieces I have designed for clients.

18ct gold ring - replaced shattered gemstone - Citrine October 2020


Silver Luna Ring with clients Garnet - April 2020


18ct Yellow Gold ring with clients Opal - April 2020


18 ct yellow gold with clients Sapphire set in white gold - 2019


 Green Chalcedony cabouchon on Luna Ring - May 2019


 Bespoke Brooch/Pendant in silver - February 2019


Handmade silver ring hammered finish - Mike - January 2019


Sea Shell 18ct Gold earrings with detachable pearl drops- January 2019


Rutilated quartz ring in 18ct gold with H detail - April 2018


Silver vermeil dress ring with almondine garnet - November 2017


Eternity ring - 18ct rose gold with diamonds to match. - Spring 2017


Vermeil dress ring with pink tourmaline - May 2017


Agate pebble from the beach set onto 18ct gold pendant - April 2017


18ct gold Paisley earrings with Peridot briolettes - Lucia 2016


 18ct Gold and Tourmaline ring - 2015 


Re design a pair of earrings from a vintage brooch using pink stones - 2015


Paisley silver vermeil necklace for Lucia - August 2016



Silver Paisley necklace - 2016


Paisley and freshwater pearl bracelet for Julia - September 2016


Wedding earrings for Charlotte - 2015
Wedding necklace for Charlotte - 2015
22 ct gold Vellore  chain, handmade for World Gold Council - 1998
18 ct gold earrings for trainer's trophy, De Beers - 1990
Stele range of jewellery for the opening of the European Ornament gallery V & A Museum - 1993
18 ct gold and star ruby ring for Winsor Bishop - 2005 
Wedding earrings for Kate Giles - 2014
18 ct gold and ruby ring - Winsor Bishop - 2005
18 ct white gold and diamond collection for Lesley Irvine - 2006
Unique pieces for Collen and Clare - Aldeburgh, Southwold and Burnham - 2016
Lapis Lazuli Pendant  - Annie 2015