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Aldeburgh Lobster + Lapis Lazuli + Labradorite


The odds of catching a blue lobster are 1-in-2 million.  Science tells us that blue lobsters are not just uncommon, but are in fact mutants. This is the result of a genetic mutation that causes the blue colour.  This mutation causes an overproduction of a particular protein. This results in the bright blue pigment, rather than the typical mix of pigments that give the typical greenish-brown. They stand out from the rest of a catch, particularly in western parts of the North Atlantic coasts of North America 

So here is my take on the rare Blue Lobster with a square bead of Lapis Lazuli and a Labradorite pebble!

Labradorite is a member of the Feldspar family and is treasured for its remarkable play of colour, known as labradorescence. The stone, usually grey-green, dark grey, black or greyish-white, is composed in aggregate layers that refract light as iridescent flashes of peacock blue, gold, pale green, or coppery red

Labradorite treats disorders of the eyes and brain, stimulates mental acuity, and relieves anxiety and stress. It regulates metabolism and balances hormones 

Lobster - 18 x 7 mm

Pebble - 18 x 13 mm

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