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Wentletrap + MOP Heart


Delicate shell stud earrings with an iridescent, solid heart, hand carved in A-grade Mother of Pearl 

The lustrous lining in seashells became so highly prized it was harvested throughout the world for centuries

India and China have a long history with mother of pearl, its seas once rich in pearl oysters. Mother of pearl reached its height in the 19th century and all manner of items were made including jewellery, beads, buttons, boxes, fans and card cases

Production became so intense that thousands of tons of mother of pearl were harvested and transported around the world. 

Wentletrap, also called staircase shell, or ladder shell, in which the turreted shell—consisting of whorls that form a high, conical spiral—has deeply ribbed sculpturing. Most species are white, less than 5 cm (2 inches) long, and exude a pink or purplish dye. Wentletraps occur in all seas, usually near sea anemones, from which they suck nourishment. The common wentletrap (Epitonium clathrus) occurs in European waters; the money wentletrap (E. indianorum) is common from Alaska to Mexico.

Shell - 14 x 5mm

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