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Honesty + Horn


Honesty - Lunaria annua is a hardy annual or biennial, with toothed, heart-shaped leaves, and large, open clusters of purple flowers in late spring and early summer, followed by flat, round, silvery seed pods

It is native to the Balkans and south west Asia, and cultivated throughout the temperate world

The exquisite drops in polished Buffalo Horn, hand carved in Vietnam, are a deep caramel colour with translucent vertical stripes which blend to create a droplet of set toffee!

Above is a larger Honesty pod than the Lunaria design - The original pod, hand made, have been reticulated, a technique I have perfected and used many times

"Reticulation, which is used exclusively by studio jewellers, produces a ridged or ripply orange peel surface through controlled heating and melting the surface of the silver piece. The ridges of a reticulated surface are more pronounced than any other surface treatment, looking like a moonscape."

Drop - 50 x 12mm

Unique piece

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